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Glitter Bomb & Cold Snap

Glitter Bomb and Cold Snap: Two heavy hitters that Tower Three is introducing to the MA market!

Glitter Bomb is a cross of Grape Gasoline and OGKB Blueberry Headband made by Compound Genetics in collaboration with Norcal ICMag.  The Glitter Bomb is a clone only phenotype of El Chivo, Originally El Chivo #5. This plant is blueberry forward.  The structure takes from the OGKB and has super enlarged glands that inflate into very full, colorful spears.  An extreme display of color combined with its giant bract structure makes for a stunning plant. The flavor has a blueberry earth body, a bit of fuel and cherry add a bit some depth to this mesmerizing hybrid. After seeing her bag appeal and widespread popularity in the Bay Area, we thought we’d give her a shot. More recently this plant just won the 2023 Maine’s Best Strain. We are excited to get her on the market here in MA, as we continue to offer a unique and carefully curated selection of cultivars.

Cold Snap is a cross of The Menthol and Biscotti from Wyeast Farms Menthol line.  Wyeast has had his hands in a number of projects and important genetic works. Creator of the Half Pint, our first Harvest Cup Winner and a staple to our original lineup, as well as Marshmallow OG, a fan favorite; we are very excited to add the Cold Snap to the team. This plant turns an extremely rich dark purple with a thick frost and regal crown like shape. Deep Earthy notes with a grape and mentholated fuel finish. This plant has a very strong minty mouth coat that pairs perfectly with the earthy and hashy flavors present.  A distinctive plant in both aesthetics and flavor we expect this plant to make an impact in 2024.

Glitter Bomb and Cold Snap are set to launch just in time for 04/20/24!

Written By: James Wormser

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