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We stand for quality & teamwork, producing some of the best recreational marijuana in Massachusetts

We are veteran growers of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, acquiring premium genetics and strains that are sought after world wide. Our Signature Cultivation process prioritizes organic, no-till growing.

Our Story

The Tower Three story began in 2018 with Michael, Anthony and Isaias. An introduction led to a four-year odyssey that would culminate in achieving our collective dream of opening a premium-quality cultivation facility.

After thousands of pages of paperwork, city meetings, and jumping through the hoops of state regulation, we designed and built a 12,000 square foot facility where we can tightly control the process. The outcome of a true passion project, we are finally able to show the world (legally) why we have one of the best products available in the market today.

Our organic cannabis ranks among the top recreational marijuana in Massachusetts

Producing top of the line recreational marijuana is our goal, so we use only the best nutrients and organic living soil available to growers in Massachusetts.

We know you aren’t looking for added chemicals – you want 100% natural recreational marijuana.

Other cultivators in Massachusetts use plant growth regulators, damaging salts, and other unnatural compounds that force the plant to grow faster and larger than it would naturally, which is intended to increase yield & profit in the short term, but will ultimately end up transferring those chemicals to the end product.

Tower Three, on the other hand, provides the most natural, organic solutions available. Our signature process allows us to produce superior recreational marijuana, without the use of harsh chemicals or additives.

Our final product is 100% clean and free of pesticides, which provides a better tasting and longer-lasting cannabis experience for users of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts.

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