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Butterwolf – Northeast Leaf Strain of the Month

Butterwolf is a cross of Swamp Thing and Peanut Butter Breath made by our Head of Cultivation, TeamingWithTerps.  The Butterwolf is an extremely loud and potent plant that has become a staple in the MA market, both regulated and traditional.  This plant has an easily recognizable flavor and an unmatched potency.  A sweet, but earthy fuel aroma and flavor, strawberry, rubber and an herbaceous fuel funk, she is akin to Chems, OGs and Sours. Her coloring comes from the Peanut Butter Breath, and the loud OG aromatics come primarily from the Swamp Thing (Grandpa’s Breath x Triangle Kush).

“She resembles Triangle Kush in both structure and aroma but daintily dressed in pinks and purples. Her Icarus like behavior, affinity to flight and otherworldly qualities led to our cut being dubbed the ‘Bob Lazar’ cut. But don’t be fooled, her cult like following is rightly earned, and brought back to earth through the hand of the gardener.”


Therapy, yoga, meditation and even a portion of modern medicine is all consumed in the hopes of coming closer to the present.

To let go of the past and future and exist in the moment, for clarity, for focus and for peace of mind, the Butterwolf will throttle you into the present in a way that may remind you of why our coevolutionary pathways exist; or maybe just give you a moment of ease.

A powerful plant like this merges the line between recreation and medicine.  Wellness is rooted in nature and the Butterwolf helps to reinforce that connection to the earth.

Butterwolf was recently featured in Northeast Leaf Magazine as the strain of the month for February 2024.

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