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2023 Harvest Cup First Place – Super Boof Cherry

Tower Three wins the 2023 Harvest Cup First Place Award in the Linalool category, successfully defending last year’s first place title!

Super Buff Cherry (Super Boof Cherry) is a cross of the Blockberry aka Superboof from Blockhead Buds to Relentless Genetics’ Tropicana Cherry.  Created by GrowMoreFire Genetics this plant has earned a lot of notoriety and real estate in todays market. 

Due to a Freudian Slip, our cut was enrolled in the system as Super Boof Cherry instead of Super Buff Cherry.  Rest assured this is the Super Buff Cherry #26 breeders cut from GrowMoreFire.  A tropical and fruity plant that has a bit more bite than the Trop Cherry.  Extremely aesthetic deep purple and pink with a heavily contrasted sub arctic frost that is thick and has a near glowing effect.  The plant has an extremely loud grape pez aroma that comes across true in the smoke.  Most strains with a deep purple coloration seem to lack in flavor but this one holds her own.  It is that bit of spice, earth and grit that set the smoke apart from most other fruit strains. 

While her looks might draw you in, she has as much going on inside as out. 

Expect a nice depth of flavor and smoke that alleviates and satiates. This was our 2023 Harvest Cup First Place winner, this time in the Limonene category. At Tower Three we have enjoyed growing her next to her Tropicana Cherry sister, and experiencing her metamorphosis like evolution through the flowering cycle.  While we are not the only ones growing Tropicana Cherry, we feel that our organic living soil style cultivation, full plant hang dry and meticulous hand trim make her another outstanding offering in our evolving lineup.

Written By: James Wormser

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