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2022 Harvest Cup First Place – Half Pint

Half Pint is a cross of Horchata and Runtz from Wyeast Farms. The Half Pint is a dense, bulbous flower that fades from a light peppermint green to a deep rich purple.  While the plant takes from both parents, our pheno is very much Runtz forward.  The aroma and flavor are dominated by sweet, mango and pineapple notes from the Runtz mother.  The Horchata brings some creaminess and an exotic wintry frost that adds to its superb bag appeal.  It is no surprise that it was with this strain that we won the 2022 Harvest Cup Linalool category with. She has a strong and euphoric high that seems to evade from building a tolerance.

Half Pint is colorful, flavorful and shelf stable.  It does not seem to lose flavor or potency in the way some cultivars with more volatile profiles age.  Chunky, evenly sized flowers with no larf make for substantial and consistent quality nugs in every jar.  Her frost and coloration speak to modern cannabis genetics, checking all the boxes from aesthetics to flavor and potency.  Grown in organic living soil, and fed a righteous organic diet, we are able to offer a very full and robust expression of this Wyeast creation.

As part of Tower Three’s first harvest, Half Pint was entered into the Harvest Cup, winning first place. It was then featured in the Northeast Leaf Magazine as the centerfold and strain of the month.

Written By: James Wormser

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