We stand for quality & teamwork

We are veteran growers in the local community,
acquiring premium genetics and strains that are
sought after world wide. Our Signature Cultivation
Process prioritizes organic living soil.

Know Your Cannabis

Producing a top-quality product is our goal, so Tower Three only uses the best nutrients and organic living soil available. 

Our customers aren’t looking for added chemicals – they want 100% natural cannabis. Other cultivators use plant growth regulators and damaging salts that force the plant to grow faster and larger than it would naturally, which may increase yield & profit in the short term, but will ultimately transfer those chemicals to the end product. 

On the other hand, Tower Three provides the most natural, organic solutions available. Our signature process allows us to produce a superior product, grown in organic living soil, without the use of any harsh chemicals. The final product is 100% clean and free of pesticides, which provides a better tasting and longer-lasting cannabis experience.

Our Signature Process

Total environmental control

We maintain tight control of environment using an automated high end sensor controls and two separate HVAC systems per room.

We know our plants

We have a deep understanding of what the plants need, which does NOT include Plant Growth Regulators, or damaging salt-based nutrients.

Organic Living Soil

All of our plants are grown in organic living soil to deliver superior cannabis, providing our customers with an array of terpenes and a high-quality product.

Careful Drying & Cure Phase

Each step from seed to trim is equally important in producing our craft artisan cannabis. Though we’ve scaled up, we never compromise on quality.

Please email [email protected] with any questions or inquiries. We’ll get back to you within 1 business day. Thanks!