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Our process grows some of the best marijuana strains in Massachusetts

It is no secret that the best marijuana strains are grown with nature in mind. At Tower Three, we utilize natural methods throughout our entire process, so growing in organic living soil was a foundational choice.

Growing a unique and diverse range of marijuana strains allows us to provide a wide variety of flavors and effects.

Allowing the plant to uptake what it needs from the soil allows it to naturally express the best aromatics, flavor and experience.

This is why our unique marijuana strains stand out in the market.

Force feeding a plant conventional nutrients creates an overfed plant that may look and even test well, however this flower often burns poorly and will lack the flavor and luster we are able to offer.

Including elements of biomimicry, we bring the plant closer to its natural environment, which give our marijuana strains the fullest natural expression possible.

Truly, the genetics are the greatest limiting factor and by utilizing organic living soil and natural, sustainable farming practices, it allows us to reach the full expression of every plant and not force feed a middle of the road recipe to a diverse group of subspecies.

Hand trimmed and hand packed, our approach creates less waste, avoids chemical run-off and provides the end user with the best experience possible.

Our Signature Process

Total environmental control

We maintain tight control of the environment using automated high-end sensor controls and two separate HVAC systems per room.

We know our marijuana strains

We have a deep understanding of what our marijuana strains need, which does NOT include Plant Growth Regulators, or damaging salt-based nutrients.

Organic Living Soil

All of our plants are grown in organic living soil to deliver superior cannabis, providing our customers with an array of terpenes and a high-quality product.

Careful Drying & Cure Phase

Each step from seed to trim is equally important in producing our craft artisan cannabis. Though we’ve scaled up, we never compromise on quality and all plant care is done by hand, including all trimming.
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